Service Offerings: Business Services


SMA provides services to assist you in maintaining a well-organized operation that satisfies the requirements of governing sports organizations as well as government requirements (for incorporated clubs and leagues).


Constitutions, Policies and Procedures

We have the experience to help you in developing or upgrading your organizationís formal documents:

    Constitution upgrades (including the latest OSA changes for soccer club constitutions and any club/league specific requirements)

  Internal Policies and Procedures     


Compliance with Governing Organizations

Compliance requirements by government and sports governing bodies are increasing. We can assist you in satisfying them.        


Bookkeeping, financial Procedures and Review

SMA can provide you with a review and ongoing services:

   Examine existing financial practices and procedures and recommend streamlining , cost-saving and profit-improvement changes

  Provide you with ongoing financial services and advice.


Volunteer Screening

If you are having difficulty implementing or maintaining a volunteer screening process, we can provide a complete service or assist you with setup or specific parts of the process.    

Project Work

We can assist you with the planning, funding and implementation of projects. For larger projects, this could include Trillium Foundation applications and / or Bank Credit applications.  


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