Club & League Challenges

Limited Resources

Clubs and Leagues are facing a diminishing spirit of volunteerism. Fewer and fewer people are willing to donate a significant amount of their time to amateur sports organizations. As club and league programs become more ambitious, there may also be a funding crunch. A significant contributor to this may be the hiring of staff to fill the gap left by the limited number of volunteers.

Increasing Requirements

There are increasing demands and requirements for amateur clubs and leagues to provide a sophisticated and very professional operation. They must operate as if they were a business. Society and Governing Organizations require proper constitutions, volunteer screening and so forth. To provide consistency and continuity, there is also a need for internal Polices and Procedures.

Making Good Use of Technology

More and more business is done online and with credit or debit cards. Many clubs are still tied to paper and cash or cheques. These changes can be to your benefit and the price does not have to be unreasonable.

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