Indoor Facilities



The demand for indoor facilities is increasing. Municipalities are hesitant to invest the signmificant capital $ required for such projects. Commercial facility projects may take a long time for approval and likely result in high rentals.


How can SMA help?

SMA can help you to turn the indoor facility dream into a reality. We can help no matter which direction you end up taking however; we suggest that you consider a private club-owned facility. This may seem to be beyond your means but consider the following:

   Municipalities tend to support well-researched proposals by community groups.

  SMA can provide facility solutions at a price that is within the range of many clubs. We can help you arrange financing for the majority of the cost.

  Your club can control its own future and have a paid-off facility within 10 - 15 years.

   You can have year-round use in a facility that is heated and cooled using a low-cost "green" solution.



SMA's Role

In the initial phase of a facilities project, SMA can help you to define your requirements, build your proposal and present it for approval. If you decide to pursue the SMA Facilities solution, we will manage the overall project working with our affiliated companies.


Once the facility is built, we can optionally provide the day-to-day management for you.


More Information

Call us for a no-obligation no-cost discussion on your needs and the help and options that SMA can provide. The club-owned facility may not be an option that you considered because you didn't think it was financially feasible. It may be very feasible and the right solution for your club.



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